Bloober, the creators behind Layers of Fear, is back with an extremely unique cyberpunk horror game. The game is set in 2084 Poland and you play as Daniel Lazarski, a cyborg detective. In the game, you interrogate people by hacking into their memories and looking for clues throughout their brain. Observer soars visually, and is a lot of fun to play, despite some drawbacks.



Naturally, as a cyborg detective, you have some pretty cool abilities. The ability that basically keeps the game going is the Dream Eater, which lets you hack people’s memories. You also have two super helpful visions. Electromagnetic Vision scans for electronic devices and Bio Vision scans for biological evidence. These abilities really set the feeling of being a detective.



The storyline of Observer is perhaps its weakest point. It was very cryptic throughout the game until the very end, when everything came together—which isn’t a bad thing. Where I found fault was in the game’s two different endings. It’s difficult to critique such things without completely spoiling the game, so I will simply say I think the storyline could’ve benefitted from a better ending.



Simply put, they are amazing. They got the cyberpunk look and feel spot on. I found myself stopping and admiring the visuals while playing. The design of every sequence and environment was very well thought out. The game is worth the buy for the visuals alone.



Overall, I’d give Observer a solid 4 hammers out of 5. If you love horror games, I highly recommend that you pick this up for yourself.