It all started in the stifling summer heat of a Las Vegas garage.

An avid gamer named Robert built his first computer, and was immediately hooked. Soon, requests from friends and family for handmade gaming systems started rolling in, and following shortly after, requests from strangers in places like California, New York, and Australia. The only missing piece was a name, and in Robert’s living room one afternoon, Ironside was born. If you ask him why, he’ll tell you it’s because he thought it had a nice ring.

You might say things are notably different now from our origins in that Las Vegas garage. Though Ironside has since moved to a much larger facility, added many new faces to the team, and traded the lights of Vegas for the dynamic tech scene of Austin, Texas, our spirit remains the same: we build gaming systems because we love gaming. It’s at the core of every computer we build, every decision we come to, and every tweet we make.

Moving forward, we are committed to maintaining the passion we have for the gaming systems we create. Our philosophy is that anyone can do something well, but passion is what truly inspires excellence. We take pride in the meticulousness our team demonstrates on a daily basis, and that pride makes it easy for us to firmly stand behind our products. That’s why we offer one of the best warranties, and have one of the best in-house customer support teams in the industry.

Today, we’re incredibly proud of the gaming computers we’ve created, sitting in the living rooms, offices, and bedrooms of gamers and creators all over the world. We’ve been privileged to sponsor hundreds of talented and hilarious gamers, and to host hundreds of giveaways for the gaming community, who have given us the ability to do what we love every single day. We’re pretty tightly knit around here, and we consider all of our customers, sponsorees, and supporters part of our team. We’d love to have you on Team Ironside too!