Developed by, The Chinese Room and SCE Santa Monica Studio, this game is an artistic journey from the beginning to the end. Standing firm on it’s beautiful soundtrack, breath-taking visuals and heart-capturing story, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is much more than a boring walking simulator.



Without going too deep into it, the storyline blew me away and had me creating my own ideas of what the answers to the open-ended clues throughout the game were. Everyone has vanished mysteriously and you are the only one left in a small community. The story follows a few different people up until they are taken out of the world by an unknown source. The entire story is told through glowing balls of light, radios, and phones. It truly makes you feel like you are alone.



Holy moley…. Jessica Curry, the composer of the soundtrack, is an absolute genius. I could have played this game blindfolded and still would have been immersed into a whole new world. Each song was perfect for every moment and would often give me goosebumps.



I could not pull my eyes away from these gorgeous visuals. Every part of the game is beautiful, from the cloud-filled sky to the starlit paths. They did an amazing job with immersing you into a small little village in the middle of nowhere.



Overall, I’d give Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture a solid 4 hammers out of 5. Check this game out if you enjoy interactive stories and artistic adventures.