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  • Nemesis - Ultra

    Great computer

    It took much longer to receive the computer than I originally thought it would take, but once it arrived I was extremely happy with what I got. The computer was very easy to set up, and ran incredibly smooth on even the most demanding games. The thing that I believe sets this company apart is the fantastic customer service. Even though their customer service is not 24/7, they are very responsive, friendly, and informative when requesting help. The sleek design of these computers combined with the customer service makes this company one of the best there is for gaming. I will be recommending this to anyone looking to get a quality computer for a decent price.

  • Nemesis - Advanced

    Customer Service

    I called in because I was confused on how to properly set up my computer and I was saved by a tech support rep whose name I forgot because he spent two hours helping me go through everything. If there service is anything like their computers I will have no worries. Sorry for forgetting your name! 10/10

    Ricky B.
  • Nemesis - Advanced

    Oh my lord!

    this has to be the best computer I have ever owned! I have been recommending so many people to your guys product! so much power within a sleek smooth design. I cant wait to buy parts for this thing!

    Austin Ford
  • Limited Edition - Khamari


    Amazing experience , Customer Service and flawless startup. Thankyou to all of you who assisted my pestering and eagerness. Tyson is awesome. I love it

    Christopher Ornelas
  • Forge a PC - Intel


    Customer support was very good, overall a great service and company! I would buy from them again.

    Wyatt Hansen
  • Forge a PC - Intel


    My brother wanted a PC to play today's games on, and a friend recommended Ironside to us and he loves it. I will definitely come back in the future.


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