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  • Forge a PC - Intel

    Truly Amazing

    Haven’t even gotten the computer but the customer support has been outstanding I have gotten an email back within an hour every time except one and they fully explain everything. Great buy!

    Landen Finlinson
  • Grunt - Advanced

    Simply Amazing

    I have not received my order yet but the variety of computers you can get from Ironside is just amazing.

    Hao Dong Cheng
  • Fiend - Standard

    Excellent overall service

    I have not received my order just yet but in the time that it takes before the order they helped reassure me with an ETA estimate. The only con i have about this company is there is no exact tracker for the process before the shipping to help with planning ahead. Otherwise you guys rock! Solid structure I love the customer service and have yet to praise your builds!! Thank you for what you do and keep up the excellent work!

  • Grunt - Standard


    It hasn't even gotten here yet, but WOW, AMAZING customer service, just 11/10 great definitely not my last using Ironside!

  • Forge a PC - Intel

    easy to order and easy to pick parts

    i ordered a custom pc on the 29th of june and so far have dealt with great customer service and tyson and lucas have helped me very much cant wait to receive my first ever gaming rig thanks from SkwizGaurd!!!!

    SkwizGaurd Syverson
  • Forge a PC - Intel

    Great service

    They offered to upgrade my heating because they noticed the one I chose wasn't going to cut it. So haven't even gotten the computer yet and already thinking I would definitely use them again.

    Christopher J Bush

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