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  • Forge a PC - AMD

    Excellent Everything

    I was in the market for a gaming pc since my laptop is reaching nearly 5 years old now. Luckily a friend of mine recommended I check out Ironside since they offer plenty of customization, offer great deals and quality packaging and shipping. I ordered my pc on the 10th of January and it came to be just over 15 days later. (5 days early!) It runs much better than expected and I am able to play on ultra settings with roughly 90 fps. Markus helped me put it together and told me everything I needed to know. He was incredibly friendly and patient. Today (2/10/2021) I ran across a problem with the windows .dll files and Noah helped me through every step. He was also incredibly friendly and patient. As of right now my new computer is working again and I am very happy! I will most definitely buy from Ironside again! Thank you very much Markus and Noah! Specs incase you are curious: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6GHz (Octa Core) Asetek 650LS High Performance Liquid Cooling Arctic MX4 High Performance-Thermal Compound B450 Chipset × 1 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 No Storage Drive Seagate 2TB HDD GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB 550 Watt 80 Plus Bronze

    Kelsey L McNutt
  • Forge a PC - Intel Enthusiast

    Incredible company

    I bought a water cooled PC from Ironside in 2018. Love this computer as it has been a beast. A week ago, I went to change the fluid and started to have a leak from one of the connectors. Turns out they are only 5 miles from where I live, so I took it in to see what they could do to fix the issue. In true Ironside fashion, they fixed the issue by replacing ALL of the connectors for my hardline loop....for no cost. Why? Because they are a fantastic company who felt that it was the right thing to do. I have recommended Ironside to many friends, family, and co-workers over the years just because of the quality of their systems and customer service. This will be another part of the discussion point for future referrals. Thank you again!

  • Forge a PC - Intel

    Years of buying here

    3-4 years ago I ordered a mid range pc from Ironside. Customer service was great, and the pc was plug and play when it arrived. Well built and probably couldn't have done it better myself. Yesterday I ordered my dream pc. With the shortages on GPU's this was my only way to snag a 3060ti. Is it more expensive than building your own? Maybe by a few hundred bucks, but its better than paying $1000 on ebay for a 30 series card. If you are on the fence about this company, just click "place order". They deliver quality. This will likely be the last pc I ever order from Ironside. And thats a good thing. They don't make money from customers returning faulty builds like ibuypower does. They do it right the first time.

    Brandon Burris
  • Laptop - Silver

    Laptop is amazing

    It's been about 6 months since I bought my laptop. It runs games like the Witcher 3 at high setting relatively smooth. The quality of the build is superb and so far, my laptop still feels like brand new. Also I had a bit of trouble with the initial order process but it was quickly resolved thanks to customer service. I'm thinking about buying a desktop from them just to see if their magic works twice.

  • Limited Edition - Valor


    I was looking at building my own PC at the start of the summer, but after looking around for the essentials and things being out of stock or having a extended delivery time, i started looking around. After i weighed my options i ended up going with iron side, ive had the PC for a little over the month and i gotta say im more than happy with the performance. One of the biggest factors for why i chose them was for the customer service i was hearing about in reviews and such, and they delivered on that wonderfully, thanks to Ethan for keeping me up to date with everything and i have already recommended this site to many of my other friends. If i ever want something with even more power, ill be sure to be back

  • Fiend - Ultra

    Amazing experience and build quality

    I have been trying to find a website that has a customizable base model and Ironside has just that. Pc arrived earlier than scheduled arrival date, and worked straight out of the box. No setup needed, Ironside does it for you. Amazing company, will definitely order my next rig from here.


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