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  • Minion - Ultra

    Fantastic PC and Company

    I ordered my PC a few months back and have been in love with it ever since. It works phenomenally, was delivered in a short amount of time, and overall is just a gorgeous piece of equipment. Also wanted to give a shoutout to their customer service department for answering all questions I had during the process as well as a HUGE THANKS for helping out a friend with getting one of your limited edition builds after the sale had ended. 11/10 I'm recommending you to everyone I know that's interested in getting a great PC.

  • Grunt - Ultra


    I bought 2 PC's one in 2012 which is still running to this day. Second one in 2017. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase. These guys stand behind their product. Buy with confidence

    anis dedic
  • Slate - Silver

    Fantastic PC AND customer service

    Their customer service is just incredible! I did something stupid and they helped me to their best of their abilities. I really want to thank Jarod for putting up with my many questions.

  • Minion - Standard

    Spicy boi

    Loved the pc and work that they put into my PC. Wouldn’t trade this for anything.

  • Forge a PC - Intel

    Fantastic pc

    I'm loving this pc, no issues, built and sent to me very fast. Plugged it in and started up like a charm.

    Devon Spurvey
  • Imp - Standard


    its a spicy meme

    bruh gamer

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