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  • Forge a PC - Intel

    Fantastic Machine

    I want to first say, the machine I purchased is amazing and I use it everyday to play various games. I always wanted to build my own computer and Ironside gave me that option without all the search and research. I thoroughly enjoy my computer’s smooth gameplay and ability to perform any task I give it. The only thing preventing me from giving a 5 Star rating is due to some little issues with the case for my computer. Couple vibration noises that aren’t always prevalent. I suggest just getting a solid case with no possible moving parts that make up the case itself. Other than that, the shipping, handling, processing, online assist, was all great and I definitely recommend Ironside for your next gaming desktop.

    Brice Jordan
  • Imp - Standard


    Ironside is one of the companies that you can tell they love what they do. They show off all their work and they take to make a professional well put together computer

    William Degard
  • Nemesis - Standard


    I have bought 2 computers and a room full of tecs that help a lot!

    Nelson Nieves
  • Forge a PC - Intel

    Fantastic company, great service and great products!

    I took out a loan for an Ironside Computer and they made the whole process very quick and easy! The computer was professionally built, wired, packaged, and ran fantastic right out of the gate with absolutely no excess programs bulking down the system. I truly could not have built a better PC myself, and I've build plenty of my own. Customer service was always quick and every employee I've spoken to was down-to-earth and understanding. I would highly recommend them to anyone, as my experience was fantastic.

  • Nemesis - Standard

    Money Return Service

    I bought the computer a week ago and the prices changed from then to now and there was 133USD difference with all the Specs and services i put on both computers. They took action and are refunding me the difference back. AMAZING people.

    Isaiah A.
  • Nemesis - Ultra

    Amazing customer service and Amazing computers

    Absolutely loved my experience with Ironsides. Any issue or question I had was solved extremely quickly. Computer came and I absolutely love it. 10/10 experience. I will be ordering all my future computers for myself and my wife through Ironsides.

    Jared Rogers

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