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  • Forge a PC - Intel

    Great Place to Buy a PC

    I compared Ironside systems to all the other major Custom PC Companies and found their pricing the best. Their sales person was very helpful as well. They kept me informed the whole way through and it arrived in great shape. If you want a quality hand built machine for a reasonable price go Ironside.

  • Minion - Advanced


    So I had been through a fuss trying to get my financing to communicate with everything and when it finally did it was too late for them to start the build the same day so I called them and Jon the customer service manager pushed it through and did the two day build on it so it could ship out and be here on Friday rather than ship out Friday and be here on the following Monday! I highly recommend buying anything from here these guys are truly amazing

    Joseph ladd
  • Minion - Advanced

    A Big Step Up From My Laptop

    I haven't even had my pc for 24 hours yet but I am extremely pleased with the performance. The best bang for my buck. I can finally play titles with high-ultra settings automatically set. The customer support has been outstanding and even with the people who are on after hours. My PC is extremely quiet and barely gets louder when I'm in a game. gr8 m8 I r8 8/8

    Sergio Garcia
  • Fiend - Advanced

    My experience.

    So my experience started many years ago when this was the first site that I found that sold computers, ( I know) I eventually was able to buy my own really good built PC, Unfortunately it was during the bitcoin crisis where GPUs were regularly hitting 600-700. fortunately Ironside had a very good overall selection of PC parts/Prebuilt PCs that didnt really break the bank at all, Everything is extremely optimized in the case, I have so much room because they took their time within the building process, I've never had an issue that wasn't a small fault that was my doing they also offer financing which might have been an option for me If I didnt want to out right buy my PC, I overall think that if you are a hardcore PC user, and looking for a good site that doesnt break your bank and offers really good= PC parts comparitvely to other sites, Ironside is the way to go, The name doesnt always ring the bell compared to other big sites, But other bigger sites also cost a lot more for the exact same parts and they dont always do the good job.

    Kristian Humphrey
  • Forge a PC - Intel Enthusiast

    Great PC. Geater Customer Service

    The options you have here are numerous, the quality and craftsmanship are superb. It takes a while to get to you, but you get an email for every step of the process. The build quality is amazing, and the customer service is the best you'll ever experience.

    Poop Boy
  • Forge a PC - Intel

    Truly Amazing

    Haven’t even gotten the computer but the customer support has been outstanding I have gotten an email back within an hour every time except one and they fully explain everything. Great buy!

    Landen Finlinson

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