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  • Forge a PC - Intel

    So far so great!

    So, I ordered this PC and once mine got here I saw they put out a limit edition build which I am very sad about because I would have got that if I hadn't already ordered this one a week earlier. Oh well, i just finished the final setup today. I got this computer for my fiance. Who loves it by the way. I had a few spare parts from my computer and I really liked how you didn't have to put those parts in to order the PC. Which made it a lot cheaper. Over all It looks amazing and I really enjoyed they updated me on every step while it was being built. Well I hope this last a while and maybe we might buy another later down the road.

  • Nemesis - Advanced

    Ironside pc is a real company!

    I just wanted to drop a review since I noticed there were not many and people kept saying beware because there were no reviews. I understand that hesitation but someone had to take the faithful jump and I did and man I'm glad I did! The computer I custimozed is a beauty and it feels like it's high quality not cheap plastic like other companys. Like others said it is easy to see every part that is involved and pick and choose. The only two things that I was a little upset about were that when customizing I wish there were some description of what you might need for example I bought two monitors from them with my pc and I thought I had enough ports for two monitors but I did not and had to buy an adapter. Also even though the packaging was very secure somehow the top of my computer case was slightly scratched but thankfully I got a white case so you can't see it. Only I noticed it and everyone else I've shown the computer set up to says it looks amazing! It might of been fed ex who scratched the computer by throwing the computer around during shipping; either way I'm overall happy with the bang for my buck! Here's my Instagram to verify that I'm a real person and not a fake account @brandan_lewis

    brandan lewis
  • Laptop - Silver

    Concerning reviews

    Found some pretty concerning reviews on other sites about Ironside, a lot saying they're overpriced, some saying to just not order from here, and a few saying they're not good and wouldn't spend a dime due to crappy quality/service. Currently awaiting my Silver series laptop and will post another review upon arrival and unpacking. The E-mails I get are really nice, saying which stage the laptop is currently in. I hope nothing is wrong with my laptop upon arrival seeing as I paid a pretty penny for it, and if there is something wrong I hope Ironside keeps good on the added warranty I got for it. Some people are saying some reviews are added the day the account was made so they may just be bots giving the site a good review, hope not because I'd really love to find a good company to help build custom laptops/desktops with the good customer service and quick E-mail replies such as this one. Sorry for the long post but so far 3.5/5 stars for Ironside, will update after I receive my laptop, I just hope it'll be a better review and I can give them 5/5 for the quality laptop I'm hoping to get. Ciao for now from Canada :)

    Tyrell Sawatzky
  • Fiend - Ultra

    Amazing Customer Service

    Had an issue with my computer power not working. Called in and they immediately started building me another to send out before I could even send mine in yet. Tyson was extremely helpful and accommodating over the phone. Best customer service I have probably ever had.

    Jared Bliss
  • Forge a PC - Intel

    Technical support

    This experience was great, I have never had better friendly support in my life and all the issues I had got solved I would easily rate this experience with Ironside and with the technical support agent Tyson a five star experience

    Collin Sullivan
  • Nemesis - Ultra

    Best Gaming System

    My custom built was similar to the Nemesis-Ultra and was a birthday gift for my son (August 2017). It used the monthly special red and black Corsair Carbide Series Spec-04 case with lighting throughout. It was beautiful, fast and quiet right out of the box (yes, I paid for noise dampening) and there have been no performance issues. I added wireless headphones, keyboard and mouse. It powers through everything. Customer service was responsive to all of my pre and post purchase questions and I could not be happier with the system. My son loves it. The only issue I now have is accessing my account with the order history for future reference and possible duplication for my daughter but I expect this will be resolved since I notified them today. I know I was skeptical initially about ordering because of the lack or low number of reviews but this company turned out to be top notch. Accordingly, I am writing a review to recommend them since they built and service my favorite computer system in the whole house and I want others to know that the company is legit.

    L Resch

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