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  • Minion - Standard

    Minion Computer

    This PC is great! The inside of this PC looks like it was done by a professional; this is my first PC and I really enjoy the specs and how fast this PC runs!

    Torez L. Broyles
  • Fiend - Ultra

    Awesome computer

    Well I mean the computer looks amazing. I have enjoyed the experience of ordering through ironside and I would definitely recommend them to friends and family. I was actually recommended by a friend.

    Jimmy George
  • Limited Edition - Tetra

    Great PC and Customer Service

    I love my new Ironside Computer! Initially I had an issue with my PC fan not working correctly all the time, but technical support was speedy and fantastic! they had a new fan sent out to me in no time, and I have been gaming ever since. From now on I will rep Ironside when it comes to custom built PCs. Thanks for the computer and excellent customer service

    Eric Reyes
  • Limited Edition - Tetra

    All Pros no Cons

    Have had an excellent experience start to finish, Ironside made it easy customizing every part I wanted in my machine. Zero risks involved knowing it will be built professionally rather than being built by myself. Backed by a few year warranty/repair with a quick turn around time it made my decision easy. Their customer support is great too, Reaching out to update me and ask if I had any questions was the icing on the cake. Thank You Austin.

    Steven Reyes
  • Forge a PC - AMD Enthusiast

    Great PC and Customer Care so far!

    The PC works wonderfully. Their customer support is quick and I have always gotten a response within a day.

    Michael Komnick
  • Nemesis - Advanced

    A great computer for a fair price

    Very impressed with this company. They deliver a great product with great service. I would definitely suggest them!

    Nicholas McKinney

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