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3 Reasons Why a Prebuilt Computer Might be Right for You

Why would someone purchase a prebuilt PC over building it themselves? The answer boils down to three basic reasons.

  1. Picking the right hardware takes a lot of research.
  2. Building the actual computer can be a huge headache. 
  3. Warranties on specific parts are short and have limited usage.

Picking the right hardware

There are dozens of options for each component in a computer build. Doing the incredible amount of research required to understand the difference between the Intel i5-10400F and the Ryzen 5 5600x might quickly become overwhelming. There are nerds, like us folks here at Ironside, that devote serious time into understanding the hardware out there. Finding compatible parts can be doubly tricky. Even if your parts are compatible, will the motherboard need a BIOS update before you boot up your system? There are at least a dozen characteristics for each computer component that should be understood before purchasing. Leaving that to the professionals can save an incredible amount of time and headache.

Part availability. In the current market, many parts are not available without paying an incredibly high premium (if it’s even in stock). Fortunately we have dedicated sources for these parts, so we’re more likely to have things in stock compared to Amazon or Newegg.


The Ironside Series makes choosing hardware a non-issue. We’ve made a few preconfigured pc builds that make the process as easy as possible.


Building a computer can be a huge headache if you run into complications.


The common saying is that building a computer is like “Legos for adults”. While the actual motion of plugging components into each other is similar to Legos, those small bricks don’t cost $400 if you apply an incorrect amount of pressure, and when you fit them together you don’t have to worry about the manufacturer having sent you a faulty part that will take hours of debugging to isolate. 

There are an incredible number of things that can go wrong in a custom PC build. Between manufacturers sending out faulty units and the normal occasional accident any builder makes, there is a decent probability some debugging will need to be done. Not everyone wants to download user manuals for all their components and read through pages of error codes to get their PC running. The true plug-and-play experience comes with buying a prebuilt computer from a business like (bias incoming) Ironside.



When it comes to warranties, little is more frustrating than being given a hard time. Proving that the part was defective out of the box is a hard thing to do, and keeping all the warranty information on file for each specific component requires its own folder. Getting a prebuilt PC means you have a one-stop-shop for anything that goes wrong with your PC, and, incoming bias again, Ironside is an industry leader with our basic free warranty of 5 years for labor and 3 years for parts. 

Easy to choose hardware, Plug-and-play from the box, and a one-stop-shop for any problems that do happen. Prebuilt computers have a lot going for them.   

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