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Sweet Dreams

A dream comes alive.

The idea for Sweet Dreams came from the desire to create a PC that felt light and playful, like a childhood memory or the jingle of an ice cream truck turning a corner. We loved the challenge of creating a PC that was sleek enough to be taken seriously, yet still encapsulated the essence of that hazy dreamscape. Sweet Dreams balances those two worlds with subtle watercolor accents and dreamy pastels, custom pink hardline liquid cooling, all wrapped in a minimal white chassis. A hand-painted GPU backplate and chassis vents bring in the subtle sweetness that really ties together our most serendipitous design yet.

-Domenic Apice, Creative Director

Case Lian Li Alpha 550
Processor Intel Core i9-10980XE
Graphics Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080ti
Memory 64GB
Solid State Drive 480GB
Hard Drive 2TB
Motherboard Asrock X299 Extreme4
Cooling Iron Tundra Custom Hardline Loop
Power Supply 850 Watt 80 Plus Bronze
Operating System Windows 10

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