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Kahjin’s Castle

a kingdom above

Kahjin’s Castle is our love letter to 90s anime world-building. Unapologetically punchy and hosting a bounty of otherworldly environments, this iconic era brought us buoyant, friendly, and boldly futuristic architecture and landscapes. There was something dreamlike about the worlds our favorite characters inhabited, and we wanted to pay tribute to that in a build named after the castle of a fictional ruler, Kahjin. Adorning this powerhouse of a computer, you’ll find dramatically circular hardline tubing, luscious lilac coolant, and a purple-black gradient paint job. Kahjin’s Castle is a display of all the luxurious playfulness you’d expect from a castle that floats on a half-dome amongst puffy yellow clouds and a bright purple sky.

-Domenic Apice, Creative Director

Case Thermaltake Core P5 Titanium Edition
Processor Intel i9-10850K
Graphics Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090 FTW3
Memory 64GB Corsair Vengeance
M.2 Storage Samsung 970 2TB
Hard Drive 4TB
Motherboard NZXT N7 Z490
Cooling Iron Tundra Custom Hardline Loop
Power Supply Thermaltake iRGB Plus 1000W
Operating System Windows 10 Pro

Available for $7499

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