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High Noon

Spirit of the West

The Wild West invokes such strong imagery it can be an intimidating world for a designer to tackle. When we created High Noon, we wanted to buck some clichés and give Western theming a modern, opulent twist. Mining played a huge role in early settler’s migration West, and we reflected that in the gorgeous metallic colorways for High Noon: Copperhead, Silver Bullet, Gold Rush, and Ghost Town. We started with a dramatic hand painted desertscape, and pulled the rich metallic colors into the interior with a snakeskin patterned GPU backplate and matching metal tubing for the liquid cooling system. The end result is a striking lineup of PCs ready to forge the path ahead for the modern day frontiersman.

-Domenic Apice, Creative Director

this custom black and gold pc has western style desert detailing on the front
Case Corsair 5000D Black
Processor Ryzen 5950X
Graphics Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090 FTW3
Memory 32GB T Force Vulcan Z
M.2 Storage Samsung 970 2TB
Solid State Drive 2TB
Motherboard Asus X570-Plus
Cooling Iron Tundra Custom Hardline Loop
Power Supply Corsair RM 1000W
Operating System Windows 10 Pro

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