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How the program works

– Share us with your audience. We’ll provide digital assets to help make great looking Ironside content.
– You earn commission on PC purchases. If someone clicks your link and purchases a computer within 30 days, you automatically get credit for that sale.
– They get top-shelf computers, you get money.
– If you sell enough computers, we give you a FREE brand-customized PC!

Your branded PC will look something like this!

Would I be a good partner for Ironside?

We’re a boutique PC builder. If your first and last considerations are quality, then our visions align. Anyone can go watch the cheap minecraft speech-to-text content just like they can get a PC built for cheap. If you also feel confident in the work you make, the hours it takes to make a single moment of experience a great one, the absurd circus going on behind the scenes that few get to see….. We have a spot at the table for you.


Youtube: 5,000+ views per video
Twitch: 25+ avg viewers
Your content is primarily in the English language

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