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By yariy21
#9528 Good afternoon, we want to bring to your attention our Open Case project, which we plan to launch on June 10 on indiegogo. I would like to know your opinion about the project, is it worth it? Maybe get some advice, constructive criticism, and support.

-Description of the project

We have carefully studied the market of laptops and accessories and came to the conclusion that there areno user-friendly devices today that can increaseoperating time of a laptop by three or even four times, and expand its functionality at the same time. Can a laptop have all the features of the personal computer, yet remainhandy and practicable? We tried to create anaffordableand unique product. The project started in July 2016. We took a conventional laptopwith specific software and worked long and hardand finally have designedand developed model of our device from scratch. We have put a lot of effort into implementation of our ideas, and now we want to introduce you to our universal case as the know-how in the usage of laptops and other devices.

- The problem

In the near future laptopswill definitely outperform desktop computersfromfeatures and cost perspectives. Especially if you considertheir size and portability. However, they all have the same shortcomings: workingwith a single monitor is not always convenient, and battery life is from 2 to 6 hours at the best. Then you have to find a power supplysource and your favorite gadget becomes a stationary one. Well, there is no way around it.
Surely, there are ways to solve these problems, but they all only create nuisances.

- Our solution

Compact designed case for your laptop, which charges your device while you are workingfrom any place where you have to be, and is equipped with additional monitors thus expanding features you can use.

Connect two cables to your laptop:
- 40000mAh battery pack will allow your gadget to run without power network connection for 15 hours, thus expanding your capabilities.
- two additional monitors contribute to friendly workspace. You will see that it is handier to work on a laptop rather than a PC.
- the case is also fitted with 2 sockets to charge your devices directly from the battery. The average smartphone is charged within an hour and a half, as it would takewith a standard charger at your home. While your gadgets are charging, you can easily work. This is more convenient and faster than getting home or office.
Our team has taken all necessary features and combined under one designercase!

OpenCase accumulator

The battery is built from 18650 batteries (In the future, we plan to switch to lithium batteries, which are the basis of theaccumulator batteries for IPads and other mobile devices, because of their capacity)

The accumulators are assembled in series-parallel in order to obtain the required capacity and the voltage 12Vrequired for normal operation of the device and transformation. From these 12V, using a voltage build-up scheme on the LM2577 chip, we get the necessary 19B stable for operation, delivered directly to the charging port of the laptop. Thanks to this a laptop with a cover OpenCase starts to work not in a mode of saving energy of the battery, but perceives it as a power from the network, hence we get a significant performance improvement.
To charge this OpenCase battery, we also use a voltage build-up scheme on the LM2577 chip, which is built so that it can be recharged anywhere with the help of the well-known Micro USB connector. A voltage build-up scheme gives up to 3 Amps, which is quite enough to charge the battery.

The device weight
Initially, it was planned to create a simple cover with displays, but since the laptop cannot supply energy to itself and two more displays, it was decided to put a battery that can maintain the display and the laptop in working order. In this regard, the weight of the entire structure has increased from 1.3 kg. up to 2.2 kg.
It was considered to be too heavy so we decided to develop devices with different specifications, thereby providing people with what they need. That is, each customer will be offered an individual specification of goods.
For example, I often move from one workstation to another and I don’t have timeto constantly charge a laptop, a netbook or a tablet, so I need charging in a case, but I don’t have such a high need for two displays, what should I do? It's very simple. I order a specification without displays. Thus, I get a 700 grams lessweight, and that's what I need.

How to make OpenCase work
For OpenCase to function properly, it is necessary to connect it to your device by two wires.

1. Power as described previously: to charge the laptop it is required to connect the OpenCase battery to the standard charging port of the laptop. Together with the device you will receive a set of 10-15 variations of the connectors of different manufacturers to charge laptops, which will give you an opportunity to use our gadget on other devices afterwards.

2. Additional displays: there can be 2, 1 or none at your request. If they are in the package, they will work by connecting a MicroUSB or USB cable to any of the available ports. They will also be supplied complete, and you will be able to use the connector you need, which is available on your device.

To ensure that your laptop does not overheat, we made universal holes on the bottom of the caseto cool the device.

- Does it have any equivalent

Yes,equivalents do exist, but they cannot be considered fully functional just because all devices available on the market don’t have such features and are usually attached directly to your laptop consuming itspower.
This is just a toy for testing technology that can only tease consumers with its functionality, while carrying so many faults.

- How did we achieve this

Working with softwareapplications on a laptop is not always a user-friendlyprocess due to frequent switching between windows on the desktop. The situation is compound by permanent battery discharges. As it turned out, we are not the only ones who faced such issues. After trying a number of power banks (usually bulky and inconvenient), we started to look for ways to solve the problem. People of different occupations (e.g., accountants, designers, managers, business people, students and many others) require a handy and powerful device for their job because of current workload and pace of life. This made us to study this issue very close.

After a couple of months of research and testwork, we finally completeda full-featured 3D model. It includes a caseassembledof the aluminum caps withholders printed on a 3D printer. One of the pocketsholds40 000-mAh battery pack togetherwithpower converter module 9V to 36V. We also invented and designed compatibility of two displays with a laptop and their holder. The casewas specifically designed for 15.3-inch laptops coveringthe majority of laptops.In future, we plan to design casesfor the entire existing range of laptops.
To make the first experimental prototype and debug functionality of its elements, we need financial support. We have a team of 3 people tosupport the project.We are looking forward to conducting test and research work. Soon thereafter, the industrial prototype will be ready to use. Several factories in Russia are ready to manufacture components according to our specifications.

Now we need your support. We require 15000 euros to manufacture an experimental prototype and debug its functionality. Destiny of this device depends on you. Maybe tomorrowanyone will be ableto buy this low-cost device at a store and work in any place wherever and wheneverneeded. We will not worryabout power source, we will be able to open multipleapplicationsonthree monitors and convey information between them, from one application to another. Together we can make it easier for all people towork with information.Just give us this chance.

To follow the project we will be grateful for any help to our project.