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  • Limited Edition - Tetra

    All Pros no Cons

    Have had an excellent experience start to finish, Ironside made it easy customizing every part I wanted in my machine. Zero risks involved knowing it will be built professionally rather than being built by myself. Backed by a few year warranty/repair with a quick turn around time it made my decision easy. Their customer support is great too, Reaching out to update me and ask if I had any questions was the icing on the cake. Thank You Austin.

    Steven Reyes
  • Forge a PC - AMD Enthusiast

    Great PC and Customer Care so far!

    The PC works wonderfully. Their customer support is quick and I have always gotten a response within a day.

    Michael Komnick
  • Nemesis - Advanced

    A great computer for a fair price

    Very impressed with this company. They deliver a great product with great service. I would definitely suggest them!

    Nicholas McKinney
  • Forge a PC - Intel


    Runs great, fairly priced and very simple!

  • Fiend - Standard

    Ironside is the best

    amazing customer service, makes sure you know the status of your order when you place it at each step never had to worry when my product would arrive

    Tyler Phavongkham
  • Nemesis - Advanced

    Best decision

    Really impressed with my build and what is cost compared to other sites. Website was super easy to use and customer service was beyond helpful. 10/10 would recommend every time!

    Aaron Figueroa

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