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  • Limited Edition - Riptide

    Great product

    I just wanted to first mention that I actually got the Midas not the riptide but couldn't find the Midas on the list. Now that that's out of the way though my computer has been phenomenal as far as bang for your buck goes if you don't want to build your own PC by hand then Ironside is absolutely the best way to go. Their prebuilt PC's are all very well optimized with there perfect parts picked together to compliment each other and it also certainly doesn't hurt them that they all look fantastic as well. Their customer service has also been phenomenal in quickly helping me with anything I needed I couldn't recommend Ironside any more to someone looking to buy a PC.

    Alec Rudd
  • Forge a PC - Intel

    Great computer

    I actually ordered a Midas Silver but it wasn't in the options but anyway The customer service this company has is outstanding they are super and friendly and answer any questions you have throughout the entire process. The computer that I received was amazing in every way it looks outstanding and I love the LED's and the glass panel. besides the look the PC performs super well and runs the games I play with ease even on the highest settings. The building and shipping process was super quick and took a week at max. I will definitely be ordering from them in the future.

    Lucas Johnson
  • Forge a PC - AMD Enthusiast


    So I’ve built a desktop pc back in 2009 and it was time to upgrade and I wanted to build my own again but I herd about this company from nicktew (YouTuber) so I decided to do some research on them and honestly I was amazed at what I seen on the websites I checked. so I decided to forge my own pc and have it professionally built cause wire management isn’t my strong point lol. So I picked everything I wanted but then I called in like 4 times to upgrade parts and customer service was able to get it done for me before the build started! The computer was ordered 9/22/19 and today is 10/7/19 and computer is being delivered today! Probably took longer due to me changing my mind on parts but I’ll definitely be doing another review once the pc gets here and set up and after I try it out. But overall so far Ironside seems like a great company so far and they have great customer service skills. I’m a store manager and I know customer service and they have it! Very happy so far! Specs below. AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6GHz (Octa Core) Arctic MX4 High Performance Thermal Compound X470 Chipset 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 GEFORCE RTX 2060 Super 8GB 700 Watt 80 Plus Windows 10 64 Bit Internal Wireless AC 1300Mbps Asetek 670LS High Performance Liquid Cooling (240mm Radiator) 1TB Ironside Certified SSD 2 x Red LED Fans Advanced Pro Wiring - Individually Sleeved Cables (Crimson Red) Ironside RGB LED Strip Corsair 570X [RGB] [Tempered Glass]

    Josh Barthman
  • Forge a PC - AMD

    Excellent Service & Product

    Ordered a custom PC for son’s birthday (primarily for gaming). I did make an error and ordered duplicate accessories but the builder called me to verify and made adjustments (very nice of him). They acknowledged the order and kept me informed of status through entire build, testing and shipping process. It was packaged very well for shipping with no chance of damage. My son loves the performance and is very satisfied. They followed up after the sale to ensure it is running as expected. Payment transaction went smoothly with no issues. I will definitely look to Ironside first for computing based on this experience!

    Venessa Saucier
  • Minion - Standard

    Minion Computer

    This PC is great! The inside of this PC looks like it was done by a professional; this is my first PC and I really enjoy the specs and how fast this PC runs!

    Torez L. Broyles
  • Fiend - Ultra

    Awesome computer

    Well I mean the computer looks amazing. I have enjoyed the experience of ordering through ironside and I would definitely recommend them to friends and family. I was actually recommended by a friend.

    Jimmy George

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