Subnautica, developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, is an adventure survival game on a completely aquatic planet. I’ve played a ton of survival games, but never one quite like this. While playing this game, I found myself completely immersed in the exhilarating gameplay and futuristic visuals.




The main goal in Subnautica is to survive on the planet you crash landed on and eventually find a way off of it. While on this planet you are able to explore the unknown depths, build huge bases, discover old abandoned bases and even tame a few aquatic creatures.




Subnautica uses pretty simple and easy-to-learn survival mechanics. Basically, if you have food and water you’ll be completely fine. One of the the most enjoyable aspects of the game is building your own base. The bases have a futuristic yet surprisingly homey feel that I really enjoy. Another aspect of the game I love is exploring the large underwater map. There are tons of new systems and exotic biomes to be found, and you really feel like an explorer every time you stumble upon one.



Subnautica plunges you into a whole new world right off the bat with a well designed intro cinematic and it really showcases how awesome the visuals will be for the rest of the game. The underwater plant life is vibrant and Avatar-esque, and the creatures are extremely unique and otherworldly.



Overall, I’d give Subnautica five hammers out of five. This underwater masterpiece might be the most unique survival game I’ve seen in awhile.