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Telling the tail.

Akito the Fox tells the charming story of a fox who brings the colors of spring with a wave of his tail. In traditional Japanese art style, Akito features a gorgeous hand-painted cherry blossom portrait that wraps elegantly around a sleek black chassis. Internally, soft pink lighting illuminates sandblasted cherry blossom detailing on hardline tubing, as well as blush pink cherry blossom detailing on the system’s reservoir. Inspired by Japanese minimalism, storytelling, and art, Akito brings an enchanting narrative to life in a way that feels both nostalgic and modern.

-Domenic Apice, Creative Director

CaseH710 Black
ProcessorAMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X
GraphicsNvidia Geforce RTX 2080ti
Memory64GB Corsair Vengeance
M.2 Storage1TB
Hard Drive4TB
MotherboardTRX40 Aorus Pro
CoolingIron Tundra Custom Hardline Loop
Power Supply850W
Operating SystemWindows 10
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