We understand how good it feels to forget the stress of shipping costs. All domestic ground shipping is completely free.

Competitor's Shipping Costs: $75.00

Professional Wire Management

You should never have to pay extra to have the job done right. We believe professional wire management is the standard for any quality PC, and no PC will ever leave our facility that is anything less than perfect. As a customer of Ironside, you will never have to pay for that privilege. Professional wire management is offered on every order, free.

Competitor's Wire Management Cost: $20.00

Asetek 550LC Liquid Cooling

Most of our competition are offering a subpar Asetek 510 LC unit or less. We've upped the ante and included a Asetek 550LC liquid cooling unit free in every order. Made from higher quality materials, theAsetek 550LCis quiter, more efficient, has a much longer life span, and will also extend the life your processor. Here at Ironside we will never charge you extra for the quality you deserve.

Competitor's Liquid Cooling Unit: Asetek 510LC

Advanced Packaging

The condition of your PC is as important to us as it is to you. From the gathering of your PC's components to the shipping of the item, we take special care to make sure your PC is in perfect condition the minute it arrives at your door. Every PC receives the best quality packaging, including double boxing and instafoam to hold all of your PC's components securely in place. Our best packaging is available to all customers absolutely free.

Competitor's Advanced Packaging Cost: $19.00

True 3 Year Warranty

It's easy to be fooled by some of our competitors' "3 Year Limited Warranty." Upon reading the fine print you will discover the warranty only covers your computer for one year on parts and three years labor. If your computer breaks after one year you become responsible for paying for any replacement parts. Any company that believes in the quality of their product should be able to stand behind it 100%, which is the reason Ironside offers the best warranty in the industry. An unmatched 3 years parts and 3 years labor. We cover your PC three times longer then any of our competitors, so you can rest easy knowing we've got you covered.

Competitor's Warranty: 3 Year Limited

10% CPU Overclocking on all Orders

Overclocking your processor allows for better overall performance from your computer, and is especially useful during gaming or media editing.We want you to get every last drop of performance out of your new PC. That is why we have decided to offer 10% overclocking for FREE on all orders. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we like to think of it as just one more way of saying, "Thank you for choosing Ironside!"

Competitor's 10% CPU Overclocking Cost: $19.00